James III
King of the British Empire
Reign 6 February 1974 – present
Coronation 10 March 1986
Predecessor Richard IV
Heir apparent Sophia, Princess Royal
Spouse Maria, Duchess of Westminster (m. 1994)
Sophia, Princess Royal
Michael, Prince of Scotland
Charlotte, Princess of Wales
Charlene, Princess of Northern Ireland
Full name
James Richard
House House of Hanover
Father Richard IV
Mother Charlotte Johnson
Born 6 February 1974 (1974-02-06) (age 44)
Mayfair, London,
United Kingdom
Religion Church of England
Church of Scotland
The Royal Family of the
British Empire
Badge of the House of Harrison

HM The King
HRH The Duchess of Westminster

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James III (James Richard; born February 6, 1974) is the King of the British Empire and has been since his birth in 1974. He ascended to the throne after his father Richard IV was forced to abdicate days before James' birth due to very bad ill health.

James was born in London as the eldest child of the Richard IV and the Duchess of Oxford, and he was educated privately at home. He became king upon his birth due to his father suffered from extreme health issues and abdicated Richard IV it took until 1990 for Richard IV to fully recover. In 1994, he married Maria, Duchess of Westminster, who was a fellow university student, with whom he has four children: Sophia, Princess Royal; Michael, Prince of Scotland; Charlotte, Princess of Wales; and Charlene, Princess of Northern Ireland.

Upon taking full power of the monarchy in 1992 he oversaw several major changes to the succession rules amending a law that saw Spouses of Roman Catholics being disqualified from the throne in 1994 and in 1997 changing the law to allow the eldest child of the monarch to become heir regardless of gender. In 2018 he oversaw the infamous Black Tuesday referendums that saw Austria, Bangladesh, Botswana, Chile, Finland, Greece, Jordan, Madagascar and Micronesia vote to join the British Empire, the vote also saw 17 nations vote on their membership to the Empire with all voting to remain part of the Empire. He has also enjoyed a Silver and Ruby Jubilee in 1999 and 2014 respectively.

James has also faced press and public criticisms for his childrens actions deemed inappropriate for royalty, which included his daughter Charlotte spotted drunk aged just 15 and his daughter Sophia's pregnancy prior to her marriage.


Name Birth Marriage Their children
Date Spouse
Sophia, Princess Royal 28 June 1997 27 May 2017 Tyler Richardson Princess Caitlyn, Duchess of Norfolk
Michael, Prince of Scotland 19 December 1999
Charlotte, Princess of Wales 13 May 2002
Charlene, Princess of Northern Ireland 22 July 2009


Ancestors of James III
16. George V
8. Edward VIII
17. Mary of Teck
4. John II
18. Henry Phillips
9. Marie, Duchess of Norfolk
19. Maureen Phillips
2. Richard IV
20. Alexander, Duke of Kent
10. Henry, Duke of Sussex
21. Augusta, Duchess of Kent
5. Catherine of Sussex
22. Edward, Duke of Rothesay
11. Laura, Duchess of Sussex
23. Anne, Duchess of Rothesay
1. James III of the United Kingdom
24. Thomas Johnson
12. David Johnson
25. Charlotte Johnson
6. Frank Johnson
26. George Lithgow
13. Carla Johnson
27. Rose Lithgow
3. Charlotte, Duchess of Oxford
28. Joseph Lawton, 15th Earl of Pembroke
14. Charles Lawton, 16th Earl of Pembroke
29. Alice Lawton
7. Chelsea Johnson
30. William Miller, 3rd Duke of Wellington
15. Caroline Lawton
31. Caroline Miller